Following a number of design exercises with Year 5 and 6 classes, the scheme was designed to give a space of comfort and security for children who are having emotional and/or other issues, during the school day. Offering an area of peace and a chance to unwind, troubled children can discuss their issues with teachers and other qualified adults. It is not a playground or a fun room.

The design encourages varied use and has elements within it that enable the children to be suitably distracted and calmed with comforts they use in the everyday, such as music, aromatherapy, and books that take their minds away from the issues at hand.

Not only were we instrumental in the final design we were also involved in its construction – along with about 30 other parents, governors and staff. This community cohesion is of lasting benefit.

Location: Hebden Bridge
Key Aspects: Interior Design, Surveys, Collaboration