This one-off, dwelling is considered to be exceptional on the basis that it integrates the most up to date technologies to take the house off grid (zero carbon).

The design creates a two storey dwelling which incorporates the natural environment as part of its overall concept, therefore avoiding compromising the openness of the landscape, and can rightly be judged as an outstanding example of site specific contemporary design.

Robust, modern detailing & use of low maintenance high quality facing materials throughout will ensure that the development weathers well and remains visually appealing in all climatic conditions. The building form is divided vertically to reduce the overall linearity of the scheme and to frame individual components of it – Lounge, Bedrooms, Office. Views from each space will be framed. As such it is intended that the dwelling is observed as sectional albeit retaining its visual coherence.

Location: Bolton, Lancashire
Key Aspects: Architecture, Sustainability, Planning