Briars Hey

The Briars Hey project, involved the extension and alterations of a Grade II listed building and it’s detached coach house, to form a new 24 bedroom treatment facility for people, providing a well-designed, safe residential care setting for young people with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

The principle challenge of the project was reconfiguring and refurbishing the internal arrangement of an existing building, to align a new building plan with the requirements of users with very specific needs. This was done whilst also enhancing the environmental performance and, particular externally, remaining true to the historic features of the building – the latter also being a key driver in the design of the proposed extension. Location: Key Aspects:

Location: Rainhill
Key Aspects: Architecture, Sustainability, Planning, Surveys, Interior Design, Energy

Specialist Care Facility

With motivation to provide a health and wellbeing ‘hub’ for people in and beyond the local area, the client brief sees the enhancement of former farm land and the introduction of leading specialist care services.

The construction of a rehabilitation care facility on the footprint of the existing barn will look become a hydrotherapy venue with complimentary clinical services, such as physiotherapy and other related specialisms.

To offer these services to people outside the local borough, it is also proposed to incorporate a number of prefabricated, chalet style holiday homes, to be used on a let basis. The development also includes the refurbishment of the 16th century, listed farmhouse by the creation of a glazed entrance link and extension to the existing building.

The proposals are intended to create a substantial increase in local employment whilst securing the future of the run-down farmhouse and giving the health of local people a significant opportunity to improve.

Location: Lancashire
Key Aspects: Architecture, Master Planning, Sustainability

Care Village

The Intelligent Design Centre have been instrumental in developing a unique master plan for a site in Lancashire. This ground breaking concept has been designed by IDC in association with a key strategic service provider to present the countries first Zero Carbon mixed care development, the countries first ‘Off-Grid’ golf development and the countries first ‘Activity-Centred’ retirement facility.

Based on The Intelligent Design Centre’s ‘Creative Living’ © concept the design was focused on attracting quality operators and investment, speed of delivery, self-supporting finance, reduced development cost and creating a suitable homogenised aesthetic that would attract local authority support and generate elevated income streams.

The scheme was conceived in a manner that will deliver clear and well

Location: Lancashire
Key Aspects: Finance, Energy, Master Planning

Springhill Care Home

We have been involved in all three phases of the Springhill Care Home improvement programme which began in 2008.  We were initially involved in the creation of a 16-bed Younger Persons Dependency Unit which, once complete, was quickly followed by the development of a 46 bed specialist care facility for people with dementia.

Prior to these alterations we worked closely with Springhill Care Group in developing an overall estate improvement strategy.  This was aimed at reducing the management burden brought about by such significant change. The result was a concept to improve ‘front-of-house’ services, building management, Reception as well as enhancing the residents access to appropriately designed lounge spaces and ancillary accommodation.

We are delighted that Phase 3 is now complete in a manner that truly supports the clients care delivery ethos.  We are proud of our association.

Location: Accrington, Lancashire
Key Aspects: Architecture, Interior Design

Lawton Manor Care Home

The requirement from the Client for this project was to upgrade the existing care home into a luxury retirement complex. This was achieved by remodelling the existing building and erecting an extension to re-provide the rooms lost as a result of these alterations. The main entrance was relocated to a central position and upgraded with a large welcoming foyer. The remodelled building now includes a library, a cinema room, and a games lounge. The Kitchen and laundry were also extended and upgraded as part of the refurbishment.

The retained building was upgraded thermally with roof insulation, new insulated flat roof coverings, and new windows. A state of the art boiler control system was installed to maximise the efficiency of the heating system. This resulted in a building that was 30% larger, but cost substantially less to run than the previous building. This was all achieved whilst the home remained functioning. Another of the challenges faced was obtaining Planning Permission for the extension because the site is located in green belt land.

Location: Stoke-on-Trent
Key Aspects: Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Surveys