Zero Carbon Design, Construction – Straw Bale, Local Sourcing, Community Engagement, Recycling

Straw – The Environmental Benefits

The Intelligent Design Centre was invited to develop the design for a single residence for a private client in Wigan, Lancashire.  The site, located on the outskirts of a small village is located in a distinctly rural area with far-reaching views to the South.

The key to the design of the house is to minimise its visual impact on the Greenbelt and design a truly sustainable home.  The house will be constructed from straw, grown and baled in the neighbouring field – (1 tonne of straw bales store 2 tonnes of C02).

40% of the house volume will be produced in the town and 95% of the building will be capable of being recycled at end of life.

Location: Wigan, Lancashire

Keys Aspects: Architecture, Paragraph 55, Greenbelt