The Intelligent Design Centre was invited to develop the design for a single residence for a private client in southern France.

The site, located on the outskirts of a small village is located in a distinctly rural area with far-reaching views.

The brief required the design of a new house that reflected the local vernacular and to satisfy local planning and building codes.   In order to achieve this and to provide effective project management at distance, (the client is co-located in the UK and in France), the concept centred on developing a sustainable low carbon residence coupled with speed and quality of construction.  A pre-engineered solution was tabled and the resultant design not only addressed the clients specific brief requirements but is designed to a specific building system, rather than pre-designed and made to fit.

The house is designed to provide privacy and to take advantage of the long-distance views over the neighbouring vineyards and towards the Pyrenees.

Location: Carcassonne, France

Keys Aspects: Sustainable Design, Off-site Engineering